In our many years of experience working with Tribal Governments and related organizations, one issue that is regularly brought to our attention is “where can we find quality, pertinent, and interesting training that address our Tribal specific goals and challenges?” We have drawn on our many years of working directly with Tribal staff, while addressing unique Tribal challenges and problems, to develop training programs which are “hands on”, interactive, and that include “real world” Tribal problems and discussion points. Our goal is to make our training programs as pertinent and applicable to your real world issues as possible. We are available to schedule training opportunities throughout the year, our trainers are available to provide classes on your site and on your schedule or VERY cost effectively via webinar. These on-site or interactive webinar programs allow your staff to address their specific problems in a comfortable, interactive, and private setting.

Examples of classes which can be provided include:

  • Grant & Contract Accounting
  • Nuts & Bolts of Indirect Cost Reimbursement
  • Indirect Cost Negotiation and Strategies
  • Federal Grant & Contract Compliance Issues
  • Developing a Tribal Budget
  • Enterprise Financial Statement Analysis
  • Internal Controls for Tribal Governments
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Tribal Leaders
  • Economic Development Summit
  • Indirect Cost for Tribal Leaders

We are flexible to your needs and will work with you to develop a single day or multi-day training program that fits your needs.