GL Ready Services

Sometimes building, maintaining, and supporting your accounting and financial reporting functions becomes your greatest challenge… At Ribail Advisory Services we can help you get and keep your accounting and reporting systems strong and accurate by:

  • Our deliverable is THE SYSTEM, not the specific task or activity. Our success depends on building the SYSTEM that your current or newly hired staff can operate, month-after-month, WITHOUT staff expertise that you cannot find and keep!
  • WORKING WITH, NOT AROUND your existing systems and staff
  • Using our specifically designed work flow and process identification tools to work with you and your staff to determine YOUR key accounting and financial reporting needs
  • We can then compare your needs to your available in-house resources (people and systems), and help you FILL IN THE GAPS!
  • We jointly develop processes and resources to provide your management and elected officials with timely, cost effective budgetary and actual financial information
  • These processes and resources will also provide the tools to prepare for and complete your annual budgetary and audit process.
  • At Ribail Advisory Services we understand that a solution that is unaffordable to those who need it is no solution at all… This is why our process begins with a thorough review of YOUR current in-house resources -both people and systems. We then look for opportunities to pair your existing resources with ours, to jointly develop an overall budgetary, accounting and financial reporting system that maximizes value to you, and minimizes overall costs.
  • We have acquired or developed remote access systems and processes which allows us to perform much of these services remotely, saving the Tribe the time and cost of travel and direct expenses. This also allows for more timely and continuous exchange of information and resolution of issues on an ongoing basis.