Ribail Advisory Services, PLLC was founded to provide individualized, quality consulting and training services to Tribal governments and related organizations. Our practice is very tightly focused to provide quality financial and organizational consulting and training services to Tribal organizations.

Before we talk WHAT, perhaps we should think about WHY:

  • Tribal Governments serve a population that would otherwise be more severely underserved, if served at all…
  • They need consistent, ongoing financial resources to function
  • If you can’t provide the necessary financial, managerial, and other critical operating functions, the vital services the Tribe or Tribal organization can provide will cease…
  • The success of Tribal governments and/or organizations depend on available financial and managerial resources and operational system development to provide the means and the ability to execute all operational functions.


Our nearly 35  years of experience in Indian Country has provided us with a keen understanding of the unique cultural, political, organizational, and financial challenges that Tribal governments and their related organizations face. Often times, decisions which appear intuitively obvious to a person unfamiliar with Tribal organizations will prove ineffective if cultural and political issues are not considered.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service, and to work closely with our Tribal clients to devise the best solution, addressing not only financial and organizational goals, but also incorporating Tribal specific considerations into a comprehensive solution.

Client Success

I was very pleased to learn that you have been doing this line of work for over 30 years and it showed in your ability and confidence. Equally important to me was that it became clear that you are still passionate about your work and for working with the Native American Community who you have been associated with for a very long time. Just as important is the fact that you know and are familiar with IBC staff and that they have come to know you. In my opinion, the working relationship you have developed with them has resulted in the quickest turn around for an ICRP approval for us just recently."
John Agwiak
Deputy Director Asa’carsamiut Tribal Council Mountain Village, Alaska