Indirect Cost Negotiations NOW!

Indirect Cost NegotiationsWHY is timely, accurate Indirect cost negotiation important to Tribal Governments?

  • Tribal Governments serve a population that would otherwise be more severely underserved, if served at all…
  • They need $ to function
  • Although federal funds are sometimes available, direct program $ are MUCH easier to get than admins support $
  • If we can’t get $ to provide the necessary managerial, financial, and other critical operating functions, we won’t keep the direct $ either…Indirect cost negotiation success means Tribal success!


What do we mean when we say Indirect Cost Negotiations Now!

  • We get your Indirect cost proposals submitted to the IBC within days (NOT months) after the issuance of your annual Single Audit Report
  • We will MAXIMIZE your indirect reimbursement and MINIMIZE the time to get your rates negotiated
  • We will help you build a negotiation system that will keep your organization current on their proposal submission, year after year, regardless of employee, management, or elected official turnover
  • We work with you to build in-house expertise so that you UNDERSTAND what you are submitting!

The indirect cost proposal and negotiation process can be very time consuming and complex. But it does NOT have to be. At Ribail Advisory Services we know that it is very important, both financially and organizationally that you have an indirect cost rate negotiation system that allows your organization to:

  • Stay timely -the best way to maximize your indirect cost recovery is by staying current on your rate negotiations YEAR AFTER YEAR
  • Maintain a level of knowledge IN HOUSE that helps your team understand the budgetary impact that the indirect cost negotiation process has on your Tribal general or unrestricted funding, your grant & contract funding, and your overall administration
  • Understand the importance of negotiation options available that will allow you to maximize reimbursement and potentially reduce the day-to-day administrative and accounting issues related to the collection of indirect funding
  • Continuously build negotiation resources in-house, but to be there for support REGARDLESS of key employee or governance turnover to insure that the negotiation process stays consistent, timely, and accurate

We have been involved in the indirect cost negotiation process for over 30 years. We have earned the opportunity to have a very positive working relationship with the indirect cost negotiators at the Interior Business Center (IBC). These relationships are very important in getting proposals negotiated and rates approved ON A TIMELY BASIS.

Our resources and relationships can help you get caught up with the indirect cost negotiation process, even if your organization is several years behind in your proposal submissions.