Audit Preparation and CFO Services

Sometimes Tribes find it very difficult to find and retain qualified upper level accounting and financial managers. A Tribal government’s financial and accounting system is often very complex and challenging … Often times a Tribal government just can’t get past the “basics” of periodic account reconciliations, reporting to federal agencies, preparation of annual budgets, etc. A properly functioning Tribal governments needs more than just reconciled accounts and annual audit preparation. A properly functioning Tribe needs medium and long term financial planning, cash flow, investment management, and other Treasury functions, as well as accurate financial and budgetary data to supply management and Tribal governance with an accurate, complete financial picture.

At Ribail Advisory Services we understand the complexity and importance of Tribal finance, and its long term consequences.

We are available to :

  • Provide annual Single Audit preparation services so a Tribe has a strong starting point in which to analyze it’s financial condition and situation
  • Provide services and train Tribal employees in the complexities and importance of accurate and timely financial and accounting  information
  • Provide services and train Tribal employees in key fiscal and reporting areas that are unique to Tribal governments, such as Indirect Cost Rate Proposal preparation, financial and other reporting requirements of federal and other grantors, the preparation of accurate annual budgets incorporating all the important and unique aspects of Tribal finance into the budget document, and providing key communication between the finance and accounting function and Tribal management and governance.