Business & Economic Development- The Next Step!

  • We finally have our Tribal government (more or less) operating effectively
  • We may (or may not) have a successful gaming or other enterprise (s) that are starting to provide some badly needed unrestricted funding to provide services to our members
  • We are concerned about having too many eggs in the same economic basket (or are looking to initiate, expand or broaden our economic opportunities) to continue to expand services and resources to our membership…
  • What now?

As Tribes continue to exercise their sovereignty and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions, sometimes assistance is needed to evaluate options, seek out capital or debt financing, or find a partner to seize opportunities…

We work closely with Tribal organizations to help determine:

  • The right entity -Tribal enterprise, Section 17 Corporation?
  • The right organization- Tribal Council oversight, Separate enterprise/business board, advisory board?
  • The right business – where we are already experienced, where we want to diversify?
  • The right finance/funding structure- Tribal investment, debt, equity, joint venture?

We can help during the planning for, development of, and identification of operating challenges for Tribal business opportunities. We will provide a valuable “second set of eyes” when pursuing and operating business ventures.